Symposia Series

EUIJ-Kyushu regularly hosts the Symposia Series, a series of talks on EU--related topics. Speakers are professors from consortium universities, members of the Kyushu Society of EU Studies, and guests from abroad. The symposia are in either Japanese or English and are open to the public.

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Symposia Series 2012

2 April
Immigration Challenges in the EU, in Germany and in Japan
Presented by Professor Dr. Dietrich Thränhardt (Insitut  für Politikwissenschaft, Universität Münster)

12 April
Innovation Strategies for Multinational Countries: the EU versus Asia
Presented by Professor Erik Vermeulen (Tilburg University)

21 May
Economic Analysis of M&A Laws in France and in The United States
Presented by Georges A. Cavalier (Associate Professor of Law, University of Lyon)

24 May
Three Ways in which the EU May Enhance Stability in Asia
Presented by Dr. Kjell Engelbrekt (Swedish National Defence College) and Dr. Ting Wai (Hong Kong Baptist University)

25 May
Defining the responsibility of Internet Intermediaries in the multi-level governance of digital rights: the ambiguous role of the EU Court of Justice
Presented by Professor Antonia Bakardjieva Engelbrekt (Faculty of Law, Stockholm University)

1 June
The Europeanization of Contract Law and its Significance for Asia

Presented by Jürgen Basedow (Director, Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, Hamburg and Professor at the University of Hamburg)

14 June
Japan and the EU

Presented by Hideaki Kuramitsu (Director, European Policy Division, European Affairs Bureau, MOFA)

10 July
From Confrontation to Global Partnership: Europe and Japan

Presented by Dimitri Vanoverbeke (Professor, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)

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