[News] EUIJ-Kyushu Review休刊のお知らせ/ Notice of discontinuation of EUIJ-Kyushu Review

学術雑誌「EUIJ-Kyushu Review」は、2011年4月のEuropean Union Institute in Japan, Kyushu(EUIJ九州)発足にともない創刊し、欧州連合(EU)に関する多様な分野における質の高い研究成果を公刊する国際的学術雑誌として発行してまいりました。
2016年9月からは、EUIJ九州の後継で欧州委員会(European Commission)の助成金プロジェクトJean Monnet Centre of Excellence-Kyushu(JMCoE-Q)のもと、発行(オンラインのみ)してまいりましたが、2019年8月31日のJMCoE-Q事業の終了をもって休刊することとなりました。

休刊後も、EUIJ-Kyushu Reviewのウェブサイト(http://eu.kyushu-u.ac.jp/journal/)は継続いたしますので、バックナンバーの閲覧が可能です。



Print edition: ISSN 2186-8239
Online edition: ISSN 2186-3385

The academic journal “EUIJ-Kyushu Review” was launched following the formation of the European Union Institute in Japan, Kyushu (EUIJ-Kyushu) in April 2011, and has published high quality articles on academic research on a wide range of EU-related topics, as an international academic journal since that time.

Since September 2016, the journal has been issued (only available online) under the grant project titled Jean Monnet Center of Excellence-Kyushu (JMCoE-Q) funded from the European Commission as a successor to EUIJ-Kyushu. With the end of the JMCoE-Q activities on 31 August 2019, the journal is being discontinued.

In the meantime, seeking to further spread EU-related knowledge and understanding, we have published thought-provoking articles and book reviews which provide insight into our rapidly globalizing society from international researchers involved in all fields of EU studies.

The discontinuation of the EUIJ-Kyushu Review was decided after having completed its role over the past eight and a half years. After the discontinuation, since the website of the EUIJ-Kyushu Review (http://eu.kyushu-u.ac.jp/journal/) will continue, you can view the back issues.

Thank you very much for your support and cooperation during this long time.

August 2019
Kyushu University EU Centre

Print edition: ISSN 2186-8239
Online edition: ISSN 2186-3385