[Research Note] The Announcement Effect of Bilateral Trade Agreements on Share Prices: An analysis of the Economic Partnership Agreement between EU and Japan

*This paper was awarded “Best Paper and Presentation Award” at Asia-Pacific EU Centre Graduate Students Conference (10-11 February 2018).
※2018年2月10日~11日に開催されたアジア太平洋EUセンター大学院生会議におけるBest Paper and Presentation Award”受賞論文

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Eriko SAITO, Kyushu University

Over the past three decades, efforts have been undertaken to reduce and remove barriers to trade around the world. As such, a large empirical literature has examined the impact of these developments on trade liberalization. For example, studies have estimated the trade liberalization impact of the 1996 US-Canada softwood lumber agreement, as well as on firm exit and entry and firm-level profits (for example Malhotra and Gulati, 1997; Trefler, 2004; Breinlich, 2015).