[Issue 1] Article 4: オルド自由主義の呪縛? ― EU 社会労働政策における集団と個人― / The Curse of Ordo-Liberalism?: Collectivity and Individual in EU Social and Employment Policy

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網谷龍介 津田塾大学学芸学部
Ryosuke AMIYA-NAKADA, Tsuda College

The aim of the paper is to analyze the EU social and labor policy in relation to the development of the Single Market. This topic is usually discussed using the dichotomy as “neo-liberalism” against “Social Europe,” or the Common Market versus the national welfare states. To the contrary, this paper offers a new perspective to understand the political tension inherent in the EU social policy by differentiating the “social” into the individual social rights and collective rule-making. From this perspective, it is elucidated that different understandings on the role of collective rule-making is harder to reconcile with the construction of the Single Market, where the rights should be universal and beyond a specific national conception.