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The EUIJ-Kyushu Review is a bi-lingual, peer-reviewed international journal which publishes articles on high quality academic research on a wide range of EU-related topics. Articles and book reviews written by international scholars are welcomed. Contributions are selected based on their originality and meaningful engagement with the extant scientific literature and policy discussion. Contributions are published as they are accepted throughout the year in an easily accessible online format.

The Kyushu University EU Centre makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the content contained in the EUIJ-Kyushu Review. However, the Kyushu University EU Centre makes no representations or guarantees whatsoever as to the accuracy, completeness, or suitability for any purpose of the content and disclaims all such representations and guarantees, whether expressed or implied, to the maximum extent permitted by law. Any views expressed in this journal are the views of the authors and are not the views of the Kyushu University EU Centre.

The EUIJ-Kyushu Review aspires to:
Deepen our understanding of the complex processes and attendant effects associated with European integration
Provide a forum for the dissemination and discussion of original academic research on the EU
Contribute to contemporary policy debates in a number of fields

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