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About Academic Programmes

  • EU Studies Diploma Programmes (EU-DPs)

    [Important] The EU Studies Diploma Programmes (Last updated: 30 June 2016) 
    The EU Studies Diploma Programmes in the 2016 academic year are provided only for Kyushu University Students. You can see EU-DPs information from the EU Centre's website below.

    The European Union Studies Diploma Programmes (EU-DPs) provide students with opportunities to study about the EU and EU member states. Upon completion of selected courses offered by Kyushu University, students will be awarded a Diploma in EU Studies.

    EU-DPs students will gain fundamental knowledge of the EU, such as the history and role of the EU constitution. They will deepen their understanding of the EU through more advanced coursework and the opportunity to write a research paper. 

    For more information, announcements, and deadlines:
    EU-DP Undergraduate Diploma
    EU-DP Graduate Diploma

  • RSC
    The Residential Summer Course (RSC), held over four days each September, offers university students a number of lectures on a variety of EU-related topics.

    For more information:

    Residential Summer Course

  • EUST
    The EU Study Tour (EUST) provides an opportunity for students to visit EU institutions that guarantee the daily operation of the EU and have been important in the set-up and development of the EU. 

    For more information:

    EU Study Tour

  • Asia-Pacific EU Centre Graduate Students Conference

    EUIJ-Kyushu hosted the Asia-Pacific EU Centre Graduate Students Conference 2013. Programmes and the results of the conference is available from here.







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