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EU Studies Research Fund



The purpose of this fund is to provide assistance for research in the field of EU Studies.

Any faculty member of an EUIJ-Kyushu consortium university who teaches a course in the undergraduate or graduate EU Studies Diploma Programmes is eligible.

Applicants may also apply for other research funding offered by EUIJ-Kyushu and other foundations.

Number of Recipients
Up to three recipients shall be selected from each member university of the EUIJ-Kyushu consortium.

Award Amount
¥250,000 will be awarded to each recipient.

This fund can be used for domestic and/or international travel expenses (including travel expenses of co-researchers where applicable), books, or other research materials.

In accordance with the purpose of the EU grant offered to EUIJ-Kyushu, EU nationals may only spend the money on books, research materials, and/or domestic travel expenses, and any proposal involving travel to Europe by an EU national cannot be accepted.

Recipients of this fund will be awarded the title “EUIJ-Kyushu Senior Research Fellow.”

Application Documents
All candidates are required to submit a:

  • Completed Application Form (Form 1);
  • Completed Expenditure Plan (Form 2);
  • CV in Japanese and English.

Submission of Application

・Faculty members of Kyushu University:
EUIJ-Kyushu (Kyushu University EU Centre)
Former Faculty of Engineering Main Building in Hakozaki Campus 2nd Floor
E-mail: grants@euij-kyushu.com    TEL: 092 642-4433, 4434
Application deadline: 7 July, 2014

・Faculty members of Seinan Gakuin University:
EUIJ-Kyushu Branch Office at Seinan Gakuin University
Room for Documents from International Organizations
Seinan Gakuin University Library         TEL: 092-823-3410
Application deadline: Please consult the Branch office at your university.

・Faculty members of Fukuoka Women’s University:
EUIJ-Kyushu Branch Office at Fukuoka Women’s University
International Center, Fukuoka Women’s University     TEL: 092-663-4005
Application deadline: Please consult the Branch office at your university.

Successful candidates will be informed of the result of their application by the end of July 2014.

Post Award-period Report
Upon completion of the award period, recipients of this fund are required to submit a short report describing the research that was facilitated by this award.



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