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The Consortium

EUIJ-Kyushu is made up of faculty and staff from three leading institutions of higher education in Fukuoka: Kyushu University, Seinan Gakuin University, and Fukuoka Women's University. The geographical proximity of the consortium universities, and their history of successful collaboration, leave EUIJ-Kyushu well-placed to deliver a programme of activities and to make a distinctive contribution, complementing the work of other EU Institutes in Japan. These efforts will build upon the existing strengths of the various partner institutions in Fukuoka and will establish a sustainable centre of excellence for EU studies and related activities in the Kyushu region.
*In 2015 academic year, Kyushu University and Fukuoka Women's University are consortium member universities.

Member Universities

Kyushu University
was founded in 1911 as one of seven original Imperial Universities. It continues to be a focal point for excellence in both education and research in the Kyushu region. Kyushu University has a long history of close ties with European higher education institutions, including over 30 university-level exchange and cooperation agreements, and over 40 faculty-level agreements. Many professors in Kyushu University are either engaged in research or offer classes in EU-related areas.

Seinan Gakuin University
is widely regarded as the best private university in Kyushu region. It has a proven track record in the field of EU Studies, having successfully hosted, since 1969, Japan's first EU Documentation Centre. In addition, Seinan Gakuin University has particular strengths in relevant educational fields such as European languages and culture, and law and politics.

Fukuoka Women's University
is a prestigious university with strong connections to the Fukuoka Prefectural Government that greatly benefit the activities of EUIJ-Kyushu. It has recently undergone a major review that has resulted in a mission shift, putting greater emphasis on internalization in both education and research.

Affiliated Organisations

The Kyushu Society for EU Studies
, with nearly 100 members, is a network of researchers in western Japan who have EU-related interests.

Institut fran├žais du Japon - Kyushu is the external cultural and educational office of the French Foreign Ministry and the only cultural institute of an EU member state in Kyushu.

Location of our Institute

EUIJ-Kyushu is located in the City of Fukuoka, where all of the consortium universities and affiliated organisations are situated. Fukuoka is a thriving modern metropolis and major regional centre, connected to over 20 cities in the world by direct flights from a well-situated international airport. In 2006, MSNBC-Newsweek named Fukuoka as one of the "Ten Most Dynamic Cities" in the world, identifying an energetic economy, an excellent infrastructure, and its geographic position as a gateway to Asia as key features behind its continued growth. In June 2008, the Financial Times reported a survey of world cities that ranked Fukuoka as the 17th most livable city in the world; only Tokyo ranked higher in Japan. Fukuoka is the largest city in the Kyushu region, accounting for roughly 10% of Japan's total GDP (equivalent to that of Belgium). With a young, dynamic population and vibrant mass media, Fukuoka/Kyushu is an ideal location for a regional studies centre aiming to disseminate information about European integration and serve as a hub for EU-related research and educational activities.

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