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Research Paper (RP)

[Important] The EU Studies Diploma Programmes (Last updated: 30 June 2016) 
The EU Studies Diploma Programmes in the 2016 academic year are provided only for Kyushu University Students. You can see EU-DPs information from the EU Centre's website below.

What is EU-DP Research Paper?
A research paper, written in Japanese or English, must be submitted to complete their requirements for the Graduate Diploma in EU Studies. This paper must focus on an EU-related matter and be discussed within the context of one or more academic disciplines. In lieu of a separate research paper, students may submit a master's thesis. The paper may not be applied towards their credits for graduation. It will be approved for the Diploma in EU Studies only.

Who can submit?
Undergraduate students in 3rd year and above, and all post graduate students

Japanese or English

Paper length should be at least half the length or more of the minimum requirement of your master's thesis.

Follow the format requirements indicated by your department for your master's thesis
*Use a cover sheet indicated by Kyushu University EU Centre.

Submission Deadline
There are two options for the RP submission deadline:
(a) Spring Semester (Late August)
(b) Fall Semester (Early February)

> Click here for RP schedule of the year 2016

Process of RP recognition
1) Entry for a research paper by submitting an EU-DPs registration form by the closing date of the year in which you wish to submit RP.

>Click here for how to entry

2) Submit a Research Paper Proposal to Kyushu University EU Centre by the closing date.

3) Kyushu University EU Centre reviews the applied themes of RP based on applicants' RP Proposal.

4) After approval of your RP proposal by Kyushu University EU Centre, submit a research paper by the deadline.

5) EU-DPs credits (4 credits) will be approved after screening by Kyushu University EU Centre.

Paper of Excellence
Papers graded as excellent by a supervisor and approved by Kyushu University EU Centre will be awarded "Paper of Excellence" (There are two sections; EU Research Section, which is to research the EU itself, and Europe Research Section, which is to research other than those above.).
The paper of Excellence awardees will be given a special prize. From among the papers recommended for the EU Research Section, the most outstanding paper will be given the "EU Research Award" by Kyushu University EU Centre.
The full papers which were awarded "Paper of Excellence" are available for inspection from the title list. Please refer to it if you are planning to write a research paper.

> Click here for the awarded papers in the past

Kyushu University EU Centre Library (Formerly known as EUIJ-Kyushu Library)
Hard copies of all submitted research papers can be accessed from Kyushu University EU Centre library at Hakozaki Campus, Kyushu University. Books can be lent out. If you are interested, please visit our library. (Opens from 10:00- 17:00, Weekdays)

Research Paper (RP) Guidelines, forms *1

2016 Research Paper Guidelines, and forms are now being prepared (except for RP Proposal).
The 2015 versions of them are available here.

RP Guidelines (PDF)
RP format (PDF)
RP Proposal (Word) updated (25 May 2016)
RP Assessment Form (Word)
RP Cover sheet (Word)
RP Title Change Form (Word) *2
RP Registration Cancellation Form (Word)
List of Submitted RP Titles/"Paper of Excellence" award-winning RPs (Excel)

*1 For Japanese version of guidelines and forms, please go to the Japanese site.
*2 If you wish to change the title after approval of the RP proposal, you are required to submit a title change form.

[RP Schedule of academic year 2016]

  Registration Deadline
  >Click here for more details
  Deadline for RP Proposal submission
  You can choose either from:
  (1) First semester (Spring semester)
    Fri. 10 June, 2016 (Deadline for paper submission can be chosen either from August or February)

  (2) Second semester (Fall semester)
    Fri. 11 November, 2016 (Deadline for paper submission is February)
  Deadline for RP submission
  (1) First semester (Spring semester)
    Mon. 22 August, 2016
  (2) Second semester (Fall semester)
    Mon. 6 February, 2017



Kyushu University EU Centre


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