EU Centre Office Services - RESUMED as usual (2021/10/1)

The EU Center office is resumed.
In response to the reduction of the Kyushu University Guidance Level to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, we have resumed the ordinary office services.
However, please use email for inquiries as much as possible.

[EU Centre] eucentre (at)
[EU-DPs] eudp (at)
* Please replace (at) with @.



 The Page of EU-DPs Research Paper Awards ARCHIVES is available! (2021.11.29)
Please check here

(Closed) [For those who will submit Research Paper in Feb. 2022]

Research Paper Proposal Submission Deadline
Deadline: 5pm on Fri. 12 November 2021
More details here
Note: For those who are going to submit a research paper in the next fall semester (in August), please submit a proposal in June 2022.

'Voices from students' updated
More details here

EU-DPs 2021 Spring Semester News
(1) 11 EU-DPs students were awarded the Diploma in EU Studies. Congratulations to them all!
More details here

(2) The EU-DPs has recognized Research Paper Award from amongst 2021 Spring Semester research papers.
More details here

[LL.M. and CSPA program offered by the Graduate School of Law]

EU-DPs designated courses for the 2021 fall semester is added on the course list. (1 October) 
>>> Please check here
You will be able to find some LL.M./CSPA subjects being held this semester (1st and 2nd Quarters) on the list, which are indicated in red letters.
Note: The EU-DPs Courses of Spring Semester 2022 (Quarter 3 and 4) will be uploaded in April 2022. If you would like to take those course(s) in the Spring semester (3rd and 4th Quarters) of 2022, please check in April next year.

(Closed) [2021Fall] Registration now open! (Submission deadline: Fri. 29 Oct. 2021)
[Newly registered students]
>>> Step 1: Programme Entry
>>> Step 2: Report of acquired credits in the previous academic year*  *ONLY for applicable students, NOT necessary for students in LL.M. and CSPA programs
[Enrolled Students (ONLY for students yet to submit)]
>>> Step 2: Report of acquired credits in the previous academic year (NOT necessary for students in LL.M. and CSPA programs)
More details here

2021 EU-DPs course list  [updated: 2021.10.1]
>>> Please check here
Please make a course plan and follow the registration procedure of your School / Graduate School.



Announcement to start the new project "Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence-Kyushu, Second Stage (JMCoE-Q2)"(November 2020)

Now we are pleased to announce that a new project, the “Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence-Kyushu, Second Stage (JMCoE-Q2)”, starting on 17 November 2020 and continuing to 16 November 2023, will allow us to again carry out a wide range of activities in education, research, outreach, and academic exchange, and to contribute to the globalization efforts of Kyushu University through the further deepening and development of EU research and education.
→Visit JMCoE page to see more details.    

  Christmas in the EU
・Date and Time: Sat. 18 December 2021, 14:00-15:30
・Venue: ACROS Fukuoka 7F Large Conference Room (1-1-1, Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka)
・Speakers: ※Language: Japanese
<Austria> Oliver Posani, International Student, Graduate School of Law, Kyushu University
<Germany> Martin Moench, Coordinator of International Relations, Tagawa City
・More details here

 (EU Centre Related event) Young speech contest & Lecture "Corona and Female ~Aiming for gender equality~"
・Organized by National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs of JAPAN, BPW Fukuoka club "Niji-no-kai"
・Date and Time: Sat. 4 December 2021, 13:30-17:00
・Venue: ELGALA HALL 7F (1-4-2, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka)
・Admission free, Registration required, ※On-site: 30 seats, On-line: 50 seats (First-come-first-served basis)
【On-line】・・・Please register from the registration form here;
【On-site】・・・Please register from the registration form here, or send FAX(092-473-1448)
・See more details here

  JMCoE-Q2 Newsletter Vol. 2 has been published! (2021.10.28)
→See JMCoE-Q2 Newsletter vol.2

(FINISHED) Jean Monnet Seminar Series "Indo-Pacific and EU diplomacy" 
・When: Tue. 14 October 2021, Time: 10:30-12:00
・Where: Online (Zoom), Admission free
・Lecturer: Mr Shogo Yoshitake (European Policy Division, Ministry of Foreign Affiars)
・Objectives: General Public, Students, and registered students for the subject of School of Economics "International Monetary Economics (国際金融)" (Course Lecturer: Prof. Kenji Iwata)
⇒See more details here

 A live audio webcast of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence-Kyushu, Second Stage, KICK-OFF SYMPOSIUM (Webinar) 「ブレグジットとEU統合のゆくえ/Brexit and the Future of the EU Integration」 can be accessed by visiting the links below.
>> Kyushu University Official YouTube Channel
>> Programme of the Symposium

(Closed) Call for participants "EU Studies Summer Course 2021" (a study camp, 3days) <ONLINE>
When: Mon. 6, Tue 7, and Wed. 8 in September 2021, 10:30~17:00
Where: Online (Registration required)
Who can apply: All university students in Japan (both undergraduates and graduates) who are interested in learning about the EU -What’s the programme: Lectures on a variety of EU-related topics plus student group discussion
The number of participants: around 30 (A screening will be held, in case of too many applications) , participation fee is free. Languages are Japanese and English.
*This programme will be also provided as a course of “Interdisciplinary Seminar in EU Studies” of Kyushu University.

(FINISHED) Kyushu University EU Centre (JMCoE-Q) Extension Lecture Series 2021
"The European Green Deal - Aiming for a carbon-free society -"<4 times in a series> ONLINE

(FINISHED) ①Mon. 28 June,
Prof. Yu Hasumi, Rikkyo University
(FINISHED) ②Mon. 5 July, Prof. Kenji Iwata, Director of the Kyushu University EU Centre
(FINISHED) ③Mon. 12 July, Assoc. Prof. Tatsuya Wakeyama, Kyushu University Platform of Inter-/Transdisciplinary Energy Research
(FINISHED) ④Mon. 26 July,
Prof. Yu Hasumi, Rikkyo University
⇒ See the flyer for more details, here
⇒【Online Registration Form】is here (Zoom)

JMCoE-Q2 Newsletter the first issue has been published! (2021.04.28)
→See JMCoE-Q2 Newsletter Vol.1 here

(FINISHED)Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence-Kyushu, Second Stage, KICK-OFF SYMPOSIUM (Webinar) 「ブレグジットとEU統合のゆくえ/Brexit and the Future of the EU Integration」
・Date and Time: Wednesday, 17 February 2021, PM 13:30~ PM 17:00
・Online (Zoom webinar)
・Organized by Kyushu University EU Centre (Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence-Kyushu)
・Supported by Delegation of the European Union to Japan, EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, Fukuoka EU Association, The Kyushu Society for EU Studies,
Kyushu University Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies Cultural Variation Cluster, Kyushu University SHARE Office, Kyushu University Stockholm Liaison Office
・Programme and more details here
・Objectives: General Public, Students, Researchers
・Language: Japanese (Partly English)
・(Registration Required) Admission Free. Please register here (Zoom) 

  1. (Cancelled)Notice of cancellation "Enjoy the EU in Fukuoka"(2020.12.9)
    Considering the situation of the spread of Covid-19 infection, "The 12th Enjoy the EU in Fukuoka" planned to be held in February 2021 has been decided to cancel.
    Thank you very much for your understanding.
    ・ Click here for details (please see the website of the Fukuoka EU Association)
  2. (FINISHED) Christmas in the EU
    ・Date and Time: Sun. 13 December 2020, 13:30-15:00
    ・Venue: ACROS Fukuoka KOKUSAIHIROBA (3F, ACROS Fukuoka, 1-1-1, Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka)
    ・Speakers (International Students of Kyushu University): <Germany> Alexander Christl, <Romania> Irina Grigorovici
    ※Language: Japanese
    ・More details here

  3. (FINISHED)European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) 2020 Webinar Series (Organized by the Delegation of the EU to Japan)
    ・Running period: from 27th October to 27th November
    ・Further details can be found on the official EHEF website:





The Kyushu University EU Centre was established in December 2010 as an institution in Kyushu University to promote and support the activities of the European Union Institute in Japan, Kyushu (EUIJ-Kyushu) administered by a consortium of Seinan Gakuin University, Fukuoka Women’s University, and Kyushu University, which began its operation in April 2011. EUIJ-Kyushu was one of the academic institutions worldwide which had provided students, researchers, and the public with various opportunities to broaden their knowledge of all aspects of the EU and its member countries, and had disseminated information related to the EU.

EUIJ-Kyushu ended its 5-year operation in March 2016. As a result of its wide-ranging activities, including EU-DPs, it had developed into a beneficial programme in the field of education and research related to the EU. Now, the EU Centre is set to continue building on this accomplishment as it begins its new term from June 2016. >>>

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